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Rope Bondage

    An example of ShibariNowhere in D/s is there more evidence of it being an art form, than in the uses of rope for bondage. Rope can be used in a utilitarian manner for the simple binding of a bottom for play or display, or it can be used as an art form as in the case of classic Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari)

 Follow the links below to be taken to the top sites for art and instruction

Some knowledge of Japanese Rope Bondage terms can be helpful (these terms explained by Dr. D. Vice of  http://www.asanawa.com, a unique window into today's Tokyo bondage scene.)

nawa = rope
asanawa = traditional Japanese bondage and torture rope made of hemp
nawashi = rope artist
kinbaku = the art of Japanese bondage
shibari = the action of tying someone up
shibaritai = a top indicating his/her desire for bondage action
shibararetai = a sub indicating his/her desire for bondage action
tsuri = rope suspension
musubime = knot
musunde = tying a knot

Digital Kinbaku

Digital Kinbaku .comOur goal is to combine the ancient art of Kinbaku / Shibari , modern day fetish wet dreams and the futuristic art of digital fine art photography. This is a journey of two artists with a common vision on an exploration into the world of Japanese rope bondage with a twist.  We are presently working on a series of publications including but not limited to this website & gallery, a coffee table book & a limited edition pillow book.  You will see within our site both female & male models.  The art of Kinbaku is an art form not limited by sexual preference. Rope is the paint, the body the canvas and the camera is the medium of presentation. Enjoy!


Japan Rope

Where to start? That's always the first question people ask. We've all seen the wonderful bondage images, both Japanese and Western, and found that the aesthetic appeal of rope work when it is done right an erotic, sensual and intellectual thrill. This site is in the business of selling Natural Fiber Japanese Hemp Rope and contains many excellent and very detailed tutorials.


D/s Arts

This website is dedicated to the exploration of "erotic power exchange" fantasy role play from the eastern school.


Kinbaku means to bind tightly. In the vernacular it refers to erotic bondage, particularly the Japanese style we call Nawa Shibari. Shibari means to tie and nawa means rope. Combined they mean rope bondage. Welcome to the realm of Erotic Bondage.

Rope Fashions

Exotic uses of rope as fashion accessory. Many exquisite examples and tutorials.



Sensei, what is it and who am I?
What is the ever elusive Sensei? Webster's tells us: 'a teacher of martial arts'. Literally translated, however, it is closer to 'one who has gone before.' The distinction between the two may be found in the Zen saying, 'Paths cannot be taught, they can only be taken'.


The Bondage Project

We want to show much more than just a few nice bondage photos, which stimulate your eyes and your senses. We also want to show you the techniques of Japanese bondage (known as SHIBARI) and bondage in general and give you tips for a safe and consensual bondage pleasure.
We want to build a bridge between erotic bondage and bondage art.

Rope For Pleasure

The Dance of Rope Bondage is an art form. The ropes are an extension of the Rope Masterís sensual touch; exerting both pain and pleasure. Rope bondage is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dance. It is a ritual of the connection between my partner and myself. The rope entwines as a sweet caresses of anguish; as a hand firmly tightening around the body.


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